The Alliance Hospital Center currently has adequate equipment for the effective management of several oral diseases, both in its simple and complex forms.

The Center has a very comfortable dental office with the following elements:

  • A modern dental chair;
  • A complete sirobox (turbine, contra-angle, water spray and air);
  • A surgical light;
  • A dental x-ray;
  • Ultrasonic scaler;
  • A negatoscope;
  • An autoclave (class B plus brand);
  • A vacuum;
  • A compressor.

And as materials, the Center has an ad hoc dental arsenal for the provision of quality care, we quote:

  • A complete kit for conservative care (amalgam, composite, cement and others);
  • A complete surgical kit for the management of both periodontal diseases and pure or even maxillofacial oral surgery;
  • A kit for preliminary prosthetic and orthodontic care.

Thus, qualified dental personnel can carry out the care of numerous pathologies.


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