To establish the diagnoses, the Center carries out various analyzes:

  • dermatological, biochemical, immunological,
  • bacteriological, virological, homonological, etc.


It has the following devices for this purpose, including:

1. Refrigerators

  • Three big fridges: Hitachie 2 doors, Samsung and LG ICEBEM for the conservation of the reagents of biochemistry, hormonology, serology and samples,
  • LG SMART Invent for the conservation of bacteriology reagentsFlochetti for the preservation of blood products.

2. Centrifuges

  • HCT SH120: Power supply: 220v; Power: 0.14 A and 31 watts
  • HUMAN C: Power supply: 100-240V
  • at HCT: Power: 0.45A and 60 watts

Used to separate the different components of biological fluids for later analysis

3. Microscopes:

  • Human: Power supply: 100-120 / 220-240V
  • Olympus CX21FS1: Power: 0.42 / 0.25 A and 60-95watts
  • Olympus anti mold

4. Distiller:

For preparation of distilled water necessary for carrying out the various analyzes.

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