Delivery of beds, chairs and a chainsaw to the Masangi Reference Hospital, a gift from the Fondal

Dr. DIMBELOLO, in absence of Dr. NSEMI

In the framework of the partnership agreement between the Diocese of Matadi and the Alliance Foundation, Dr. DIMBELOLO, in the absence of Dr. NSEMI, its President, proceeded to the delivery to the Masangi Health Center of the following equipment:

  • 10 beds for the Health Center of the Catholic Mission Saint Joseph of Masangi;
  • 4 chairs and 1 couch for the Cure;
  • 1 chainsaw to solve the thorny problem of school benches and roofs of classes and houses of priests and teachers.
Priest of Masangi sitting on the armchair offered

It should be remembered that the delivery of the chainsaw was motivated by the request made several years before, in Fondal by the Parish Committee of the Catholic Mission of Masangi.

This request was renewed with insistence by the current young and dynamic Curé Abbé Vital, recently appointed, to the great satisfaction of the Christians of Masangi, by Monsignor the Bishop of Matadi to give a new breath to this parish and almost enclave forgotten from the Diocese of Matadi.

This chainsaw will also bring a solution to other schools in the region permanently confronted with the lack of benches for students sometimes obliged to follow lessons sitting on tree trunks, as we have seen in school Susa’s primary.

Dr. Dimbelolo explains the reasons for the surrender

The Catholic Mission of Masangi is experiencing a moment of revitalization thanks also to the arrival of Dr. Eric BUNGIENA, a young doctor who has come to contribute to the development of this region as the first doctor assigned to the health center of Masangi.

Surrender of the beds, donation of the Fondal

Congratulations to the trio: Abbé Vital, parish priest; Abbot Gabriel, Vicar and Dr. Eric BUNGENIA, first Doctor assigned to Masangi by Bdom Matadi.

The Fondal will accompany this trio in the noble work of opening up the Masanga Catholic Mission in particular, and the whole country in general.

Delivery of beds, chairs and a chainsaw
Delivery of beds, chairs and a chainsaw
Delivery of beds, chairs and a chainsaw
Abbé Gérard receives from the representative of the Fondal


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