SOS Masangi

S.O.S Masangi and Susa/Luozi Kongo-Central/RD territory. Congo, the Fondal requires a wave of solidarity…

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2018, a hurricane hit Mongo Luwala, about 100 km from Luozi, and caused extensive material damage in several villages, in Particular Masangi and Susa.

In addition to the efforts made by the population for self-help, an impetus for solidarity was created through fundraising for the latter with the slogan “AN INSTRUMENT FOR MASANGI and SUSA”.

The Fondation Alliance intends to inform all people of goodwill in wanting to contribute to the rehabilitation of school buildings, dormitories for students, housing for teachers, the medical center San Giuseppe Masangi etc.

 It should be noted that, from these painful events, one notices a strong interruption of school activities forcing the students to return to their respective villages to return the day after the course.

Masangi Elementary School students

Habitation of stranded teachers

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