Culture du mangoustanier


Culture du safoutier
Culture of the safoutier

The Fondal works for the efficient production of safe and high quality agricultural products in order to protect and improve the natural environment as well as the social and economic conditions of farmers, their employees and local communities, and which safeguard the health and the well-being of all farmed species.

Our social responsibility is about the quality of life of every person who is affected by the company – employees, customers, neighbors, local community members and the farmer. Indicators of social responsibility include: (1) support from other businesses and local families, contribution to the economy both local and global; (2) a stable or growing population in the rural community; (3) a return of post-secondary graduates to family farms or related businesses in the community.

The farm responds to market pressures and environmental conditions and helps to develop a resilient business. The profits generated are tangible. They include economic gains, environmental stability and social benefits.



Vue de la ferme Fondal
Avocado nursery
View of the farm Fondal
View of the farm Fondal








One of the ponds.
One of the ponds.

The demand for fish is growing. It is a food that is both highly appreciated and indispensable for nutritional balance. La Fondal makes the fish farming tradition a solution to this challenge. She has ponds for this purpose.

Fondal, which supports AMP, is considering additional income with fish farming. She is doing well even the administration of a fish farm can seem simple, with many measures we ensure the future success of our business.



Beekeeping production has always existed, but the attractiveness of the sector suffers from its low production, high price and lack of competitiveness with imported honey. Fondal is dedicated to the development of this sector, in particular honey production, bee health and pollination activities.

Apiculture on the farm of La Fondal
Apiculture on the farm of the Fondal

FONDAL gives surrounding populations agricultural techniques. It has already trained more than 35 people and currently a dozen women are trained in fish farming and livestock farming.


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