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The Alliance Hospital Center has two sites.

One located in the commune of Gombe number 1286, Tabu Ave Ley (Ex Tombalbaye) Ref. Crossing Avenues Kasa-Vubu and Tabu Ley, Building ex. SOMICA, Kinshasa-DRC.

The other in the commune of BARUMBU number 4303, Av. Airfield – Cheap (NDOLO) Ref. diagonally from ISTA-NDOLO, Kinshasa-DRC.


4303, Aerodrome Street, District Bon Marché / Barumbu, City of Kinshasa Alliance Hospital Center


1286, Tabu Ley Street , (formerly Tombalbaye), City of Kinshasa / Gombe
Alliance Hospital Center


1286, Liberation Street, (formerly 24 November), City of Kinshasa / Gombe
Modern Pharmacy Alliance

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