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At the Alliance Hospital Center, we put the patient at the heart of our activities with a vision centered on the human person. All our services work in close collaboration and coordination to give the patient the best medical care. The Alliance Hospital Center is open 24 hours a day, working days and holidays.

Presentation of the services organized at the Hospital Center ALLIANCE Kinshasa / Gombe and Kinshasa / Ndolo.



In order to ensure its activities, it employs qualified medical and paramedical personnel composed of:

24 Specialists
12 General practitioners
21 Nurses
4 birth attendants
7 Laboratory technicians
2 Radiology Technician
9 Administrative
10 Surface technicians


In order to facilitate care, follow-up of patients, statistics, billing at two sites, the Hospital Center has computerized the medical file.

To do this, the sites are connected by an Intranet.


The Alliance Hospital Center offers a warm and quick welcome to all its patients thanks to its digital data management system.

Consultation Cabinet

The Alliance Hospital Center has three surgeries in Gombe and seven in Ndolo.

Treatment rooms

The treatment room is used to administer first aid (vital signs, injections, nebulisations, bandages, syringage, etc.) and to perform minor surgery.

Operating rooms

The center has the following modern equipment that facilitates surgical procedures:

Operating light
Anesthesia-intensive care unit with monitoring
Oxygen condenser
AED defibrillator


To establish the diagnoses, the Center carries out various analyzes: * dermatological, biochemical, immunological; * bacteriological, virological, homonological, etc. For this purpose, it has the following devices, including:

1. Refrigerators: - Three large refrigerators: Hitachie 2-door, Samsung and LG ICEBEM for the conservation of reagents biochemistry, hormonology, serology and samples; - LG SMART Invent for the conservation of bacteriology reagents; - Flochetti for the preservation of blood products.

2. Centrifuges: - HCT SH120: Power supply: 220v; Power: 0.14 A and 31 watts; - HUMAN C: Power supply: 100-240V; - at HCT: Power: 0.45A and 60 watts. Used to separate the different components of biological fluids for later analysis

3. Microscopes: - Human: Power supply: 100-120 / 220-240V; - Olympus CX21FS1: Power: 0.42 / 0.25 A and 60-95watts; - Olympus anti mold.


To respond effectively and promptly to the needs of our patients, the Center has an internal pharmacy for each site containing generic and specialty drugs. The latter are supported by the Modern Pharmacy at No. 301 Liberation Avenue ex 24 November in the municipality of Gombe (ref: in front of the Provincial Inspectorate of Police)


The Center has a capacity of 10 beds in its site of Gombe and 18 beds in that of Ndolo. The current acquisition will achieve a total capacity of 35 beds in the coming months. These are divided into shared rooms and private rooms, all with air conditioning. All rooms on the Ndolo site are equipped with an alert system allowing the patient to call at any time the nursing staff based in the treatment room. The private rooms are equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table, a table, a fridge, a chair, a television set, a toilet.


In order to promote maternal and newborn health in accordance with WHO recommendations, the Center is setting up a Maternity Service with essential gyneco-obstetrics and newborn care equipment.

The service counts:

An operating room
A postpartum room
Single rooms and two


The Alliance Hospital Center carries out various explorations for diagnostic purposes thanks to the following devices:

ACUSON NX3 ELITE Ultrasound System
ACUSON P300 Ultrasound System


Cervical traction system
Mechanotherapy system of the upper limbs
Ergometer bike
Infra-red lamps
TENS professional physiotherapy devices
TENS brand physiotherapy devices
Laser therapy apparatus (laser treatment)
Magnetotherapy device (short wave)
Ultrasonic device


The Alliance Hospital Center carries out various explorations for diagnostic purposes thanks to the following devices:

AGFA CR15-X digital radio series 51612
The standard radiology machine
The ECG device (Electro cardiogram)


The Alliance Hospital Center currently has adequate equipment for the effective management of several oral diseases, both in its simple and complex forms. The Center has a very comfortable dental practice with the following elements: - A modern dental chair; - A complete sirobox (turbine, contra-angle, water spray and air); - A surgical light; - a dental x-ray; - An ultrasonic scaler; - a negatoscope; - An autoclave (class B plus brand); - A vacuum; -A compressor.

And as materials, the Center has an ad hoc dental arsenal for the provision of quality care, we quote: - A complete kit for conservative care (amalgam, composite, cement and others); - A complete surgical kit for the management of both periodontal diseases and pure or even maxillofacial oral surgery; - A kit for preliminary prosthetic and orthodontic care.

Thus, qualified dental personnel can carry out the care of numerous pathologies.


For the treatment of diseases of the eye and its appendages, the Center has had: - Javal lamp;

Slit lamp;
Tonometer by aplanation;
Nidek refractometer;
And others.


The gastro-enterology department of the Alliance Hospital Center contributes to the prevention, diagnosis and management of digestive and respiratory diseases. The proposed exams are: - Esophagoscope; - Gastroscopy; - Partial and total colonoscopy; - Sigmoidoscopy; - rectoscopy; - Anoscopy; - Bronchoscopy.

To do this, the Center has: - Video Olympus colonoscope; - Pentax gastroscope video; - Pentax bronchoscope video.

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