Ensure the ideal conditions for the transfer of sick and injured Ndolo (Barumbu) and Kingabwa and Pakadjuma, Kinshasa. Easy access to appropriate care guaranteed to residents of Ndolo (Barumbu) and Kingabwa and Pakadjuma (Limete) / Kinshasa to CHAL, Establishment of evacuation programs for sick and injured to CHAL, Improvement of care of patients and residents of Ndolo (Barumbu) and Kingabwa neighborhoods and Pakadjuima (Limete) / Kinshasa.


Easy access to appropriate care guaranteed to residents of Ndolo (Barumbu Commune) and Kingabwa neighborhoods as well as the Pakadjuma (Limete Township) / Kinshasa site at the Alliance Foundation Hospital Center;
Reduction of the mortality rate of inhabitants of the Ndolo (Barumbu district) and Kingabwa districts as well as the Pakadjuma (Limete Township) / Kinshasa site;
Establishment of evacuation programs for the sick and injured to the hospital center of the Alliance / Ndolo Foundation;
Improvement of the sanitary conditions of the inhabitants of the Ndolo (Barumbu commune) and Kingabwa districts as well as the Pakadjuima (Municipality of Limete) / Kinshasa …


Provide assistance to disadvantaged populations in the areas of humanitarian, health care and social assistance;
Provide relief and assistance to people affected by natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics;
Support governments and international agencies in strategies to combat HIV / AIDS and other emerging diseases in the DRC;
Support the dissemination of health, prophylactic and educational information;
Support community radios for the popularization of health problems;
Promote the rules relating to public health.
She intends to achieve her objects through the following means:

The care of health care and pharmaceuticals of the vulnerable and needy;
Assistance and relief to people and populations in need of health and humanitarian aid;
Reduced health care costs by 10 to 20% for ISTA students;
Reduction of the cost of health care for widows and orphans as appropriate;
The animation of scientific and cultural activities such as seminars, symposia, conferences, retreats, conferences-debates, film or video-forum, crossroads ….


Inhabitants of the Ndolo (Barumbu Commune) and Kingabwa neighborhoods as well as the Pakadjuma (Limete Commune) / Kinshasa-DRC site; Road users Heavy Duty and Aerodrome Ndolo Avenue; Patients coming to the Alliance Hospital and needy; Pregnant women, premature babies and children; The orphans and widows of the aforementioned neighborhoods, the population of Kinshasa and its surroundings.

The Alliance Hospital Center offers a variety of treatments: high-performance technical platform (biology, imaging, operating and obstetrical units, adult and neonatal resuscitation, medical ambulances for the transport of patients), as well as many specialties and good hygienic conditions. comfort.

For more information see Caregiving.

The quality of care is a permanent concern of all our health professionals. As such, the Alliance Hospital Center has engaged with the Congolese Ministry of Public Health in a process of continuous improvement of the quality of care through the certification of its services.

For more information see The quality of care at the Alliance Hospital Center.

The Alliance Hospital Center is a non-profit organization. He is at the service of the people. As such, he wants to offer patients the “fair price” of the care he receives. Also, you will find below the different types of agreement that you can subscribe for your employees.

We offer you three models of medical conventions: partial package, global package, outpatient package and the act




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