Presentation of the Fondal

Indeed, Father Arthur Van IMFULL, then Superior of the Catholic Mission of St. Joseph Masangi had to accompany us aboard his Land Rover, to entrust to Father Paul MICHEL Kibula (end 1962). In doing so, he had to ask bases from which will be born the idea of creating what we call today “Alliance Foundation” (Fondal) acronym.

In the picture above (left), the class of my elders (Father Johnny, 3rd on the right of Father Winand Classens, Abbot Paul BUETUBELA, currently Professor at the Catholic University of Congo, the 1st on the right of Father Winand and Hubert BIOTA, 4th on the left of Father Winand).

In the photo above (right), Father Paul Michel, Director of Kibula’s Petit Séminaire (1962-1963), welcomed, at the beginning of September 1962, three (3) young boys, including Gabriel Nsemi (in yellow), Martin Bavueza (framed in red) and Isidore Yunga (framed in pink), 13 years old, current Dr. Gabriel Nsemi, President of the Alliance Foundation, “Fondal” in acronym.


The “FONDATION ALLIANCE”, abbreviation “FONDAL”, was created on November 18, 2005 in Kinshasa, in accordance with Law No. 004/2001 of July 20, 2001 laying down general provisions applicable in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to provide social, medical, health, educational, agricultural and other services and training for the needy in DRC.

To this end, it supports the actions of assistance and support for vulnerable and other people in difficulty with the support of the Alliance Hospital Center and the Modern Pharmacy.


Two years before his death, we had put the following question to the Director of CUAMM (University College Aspirants Missionary Doctors) Don Luigi Mazzucato, Father Luigi: “How is it that when we look at the mapping of CUAMM’s activities in Central and Southern Africa, we find that CUAMM has not implemented any DRC activities? .Congo? “. He answered us spontaneously in the following way: “My in Congo ci siete voi” in French it means, “in Congo, you are there and you represent us”. We perceived this response as an interpellation which came to reinforce the idea, we will say more the intimate conviction which we lived for more than 20 years, to set up a foundation which we called “FONDATION ALLIANCE”, in abbreviation “FONDAL “.

This response from the former CUAMM Director had almost surprised us. Because, we expected him to tell us, as other people would have done: “The Congo does not interest us for the moment”. This is how we felt as invested with this mission pursued by the CUAMM: “EUNTES CURANTES INFIRMOS” in French “GO AND CARE FOR THE SICK”.

Currently CUAMM is also called “Medici Con l’Africa / Doctors with Africa”. This is why we, too, at the FONDATON ALLIANCE adopted this logo which is in fact our leitmotiv.

In doing so, we are in a way a modest extension in the Democratic Republic of Congo CUAMM which we are also the fruit.


The mission of the Fondal are:

  • Provide assistance to disadvantaged populations in the areas of humanitarian, health care and social assistance;
  • Provide relief and assistance to people affected by natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics;
  • Support public authorities and international organizations in strategies to combat HIV / AIDS and other emerging diseases in DR.Congo;
  • Ensure the dissemination of information of a character, prophylactic and educational;
  • Promote the rules relating to public health;
  • Work in humanitarian actions.

In general, the FONDATION ALLIANCE may be interested in any act, operation or activity of any nature whatsoever directly or indirectly related to its missions that may facilitate their achievements.

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