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Delivery of beds, chairs and a chainsaw to the Masangi Reference Hospital, a gift from the Fondal

In the framework of the partnership agreement between the Diocese of Matadi and the Alliance Foundation, Dr. DIMBELOLO, in the absence of Dr. NSEMI, its President, proceeded to the delivery to the Masangi Health Center of the following equipment: 10 beds for the Health Center of the Catholic Mission Saint Joseph of Masangi; 4...

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To establish the diagnoses, the Center carries out various analyzes: dermatological, biochemical, immunological, bacteriological, virological, homonological, etc. Laboratory It has the following devices for this purpose, including: 1. Refrigerators Three big fridges: Hitachie 2 doors, Samsung and LG ICEBEM for the conservation of the reagents of biochemistry, hormonology, serology and samples, LG SMART Invent...

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